Brainerd Community Theatre

Brainerd Community Theatre

'Brighton Beach Memoirs'
by Neil Simon

Directed by Corrine Johnson, CLC Theatre Faculty

Audition Needs: A one-minute prepared monologue is highly encouraged, but not required. Also be prepared to read from the script.

Casting 4 females and 3 males. Ages are relative to how the character should appear to the audience, NOT the expected age of the actor.

- Eugene Morris Jerome: Male, mid-teens The narrator of the story; has recently discovered girls in a big way. Very bright, quick-witted, and observant of everything going on around him, which he then notates in his journal which will someday become his memoirs.

- Stanley Jerome: Male, late teens/early 20s Eugene’s older brother. In order to help the family, he works in a factory instead of attending college. Stanley does this without complaint, but he does feel the weight of his obligations and struggles between listening to his own heart and convictions and doing what the family needs him to do.

- Kate Jerome: Female, late 30s/early 40s Mother of the Jerome household; attempts to hold her family together and solve their problems. She has worked hard her entire life and probably grew up too fast because of it. Puts the family’s needs before her own, and tough, she often sounds annoyed by it, her greatest pleasure is being needed.

- Blanche Morton: Female, late 30s/early 40s Kate’s younger sister. Recently widowed, very indecisive, and dependent. She wants to have a life for herself and her daughters but doesn’t know how or where to begin. She feels buried with her husband and finds herself and her own strength throughout the play.

- Laurie Morton: Female, young teen Blanche’s youngest daughter. Studious, yet quietly mischievous, who is all ears around adult situations. She appears innocent, but she really has a grasp on what the others around her are “up to.”

- Nora Morton: Female, mid to late-teens Blanche’s oldest daughter. A beautiful and ambitious 16-year-old girl with dreams of Broadway. Often resentful of her pampered younger sister and angry at her father for dying and leaving her with a weak mother.

- Jack Jerome: Male, late 30s/early 40s head of the Jerome family; feels the pressure of supporting an extended family by working two jobs, but does what he has to do to provide for his family, even at the risk of his health, and wishes he could give them more. With as little as they have, he would still stretch further to help any family member in need.

Note: Brighton Beach Memoirs is a coming-of-age story, and contains mature thematic content and language that is reflective of adolescent development. If you have any questions pertaining to the show, please feel free to contact Joey Yow, Director of the Performing Arts Center, at [email protected].

The Central Lakes Community Performing Arts Center and Central Lakes College are committed to a supportive environment for the growth and development of students and artists from diverse cultural, ethnic, economic and educational backgrounds.


Sister Act Cast:
Travis Chaput - Eddie
Rachael Kline - Deloris
Sharon Hartley - Mother Superior
Macy Judd - Str Mary Roberts
Erik Paulson - Curtis
Kryston Wiseley - Str Mary Patrick
Barb McColgan - Str Mary Lazarus
Nicole Rothleutner - Str Mary Martin of Tours, Michelle, dancer
Baird Brutscher - Pablo
Devin Knopf - TJ
Mark Oliphant - Joey Bones
Watson - Monsignor
Abby Pratt - Str. Mary Dominique, Reporter, Hooker
Jenny Kiffmeyer  - Str. Moira Clarke, Tina, Waitress, Dancer
Erin Brutscher- Str. Mary Theresa, homeless person
Melissa Peterson - Str. Saint Lilith, hooker, Bar patron Kristin Pratt- Str. Mary Helen
Jenna Hanson - Str. Mary Catherine, dancer
Bri Engles - Cop, Gay Man dancer, Bartendar, Homeless person
Phyl Bell - Alter Boy, Drag Queen, Ernie, Gay Man dancer
Jackie Nornes - Str. Mary Luke
Lydia Jendro - Str. Mary Celeste, Dancer
Rhonda Schmidt - Sister Mary Hildegard.
Production Team:
Director and Choreographer: Amy Borash
Set Design/Carpenter: Tim Leagjeld
Lighting Design: Heidi Eckwall
Music Director: Jacob Hanson
Stage Manager: Joseph Haasken
Theatre Technician/Video: Curtis Jendro
Costumer: Sharon Hartley
Carpenter's Assistant: Tristan Pruse
Lightening Assistant: Matt Hill
Sound Board Operator: Ben Harris
Photographer: Maren Martin
CLCPAG Program Director: Joseph (Joey) Yow

Clarence Darrow rehearsal images...

Elf - The Musical, Cast Rehearsal...
Photography by John Erickson, Art Matters Studio and Gallery

Cast images from Wait Until Dark...
photography by John Erickson, Art Matters Studio and Gallery

Maren (Goff) Martin as Susan

Kevin Yeager as Roat

Nick Kory as Mike

Brainerd Community Theatre's productions of 'Amadeus', 'Elf - The Musical' and 'Wait Until Dark' are recipients of grant funding provided by:  Five Wings Arts Council

Brainerd Community Theatre Company
2021-2022 Season

The BCT company hails from towns throughout the area. “We have members from Brainerd and Baxter, of course, but we also have several from Little Falls, Crosby, Pillager, Staples, Crosslake, Jenkins, Pine River, Nisswa, Fort Ripley, Breezy Point, Merrifield, Buffalo, and Minneapolis,” said Patrick Spradlin, BCT Director.

BCT’s season opens on October 21 with the suspense thriller ‘Wait Until Dark.’ The cast for the production includes Lily Cameron, Dave Endicott, Macy Judd, Nick Kory, Maren Martin, Brian Rhett, and Kevin Yeager. Spradlin will direct.

‘Elf: The Musical’ will premiere on December 9, directed by Travis Chaput. The cast includes Phyl Bell, Jesse Brutscher, Ryan Deblock, Jake Denning, Lindsey Derry, Mya Frank, Peyton Freeman, Jaydon Friedel, Lydia Jendro, Cy Johnson, Jana Johnson, Macy Judd, Rachael Kline, Maren Martin, Rachel Martin, Katie Nelsen, Regina Nelsen, Marc Oliphant, Maureen Paulus, Melissa Peterson, Abby Pratt, Emily Pratt, Mackenzie Pratt, Brian Rhett, Martha Rustad, Elli Salo, Rhonda Schmidt, Anika Seitzer, Attly Speer, Krystin Wiseley, and Lauren Yeager.

‘Amadeus,’ a drama based on the last 10 years of Mozart’s life, will open on February 10 under the direction of Spradlin with a cast of Isaak Anderson, Phyl Bell, Deb Binda, Gary Binda, Alan Bock, Brianna Engels, Sharon Hartley, Larissa Hynes, Bri Keran, Kevin Klawitter, Nick Kory, Lisa LeBlanc, Maren Martin, Matt Munoz, Shelly Munoz, C.J. Nichols, Marc Oliphant, Mike Paulus, Nicole Rothleutner, Erik Sanbeck, Patti Scott, and Kevin Yeager.

The history-based drama ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ will conclude the season when it opens on April 21. Directed by Beth Selinger, the cast is comprised of Isaak Anderson, Alan Bock, Jesse Brutscher, Dave Endicott, Mya Frank, Jaydon Friedel, Macy Judd, Jenny Kiffmeyer, Nick Kory, Marc Oliphant, Mike Paulus, Rhonda Schmidt, Rebecca Timmins, and Kevin Yeager. The creative team for the company consists of Heidi Eckwall (lighting design), Tim Leagjeld and George Marsolek (scenic design), Dawn Krautbauer, Heather Pearson, and Ruthie Gmeinder (costume design), Curtis Jendro (sound and video design), Gina Singer (specialty props), Amy Borash (choreographer), and Koreann Martin (vocal direction). Lorri Jager is company manager.

Photograph and BCT photography by John Erickson, Art Matters Studio and Gallery

About the Community Theatre

The Brainerd Community Theatre, part of the Central Lakes Community Performing Arts Center, serves as a cultural hub for the Brainerd Lakes area, and enjoys a 50-year tradition of providing year-round theatre entertainment. Students and community members alike are welcome to be a part of the productions, both onstage and backstage. Productions are staged year-round, with a robust summer theatre program serving the resort population of the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s just for CLC students, right?

Not at all! As a community theatre we involve the entire community. Auditions are open to everyone. And we’d love to have you backstage, if being onstage is not your thing. Our shows are always a mix of community members, students, former students, and people of all ages.

You have to have a lot of acting experience to get a role, right?

Not at all! We love having first-time actors in our productions, along with seasoned performers. You have to start somewhere, so why not start with one of our productions.

It takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? 

The short answer is: maybe. That depends on how much time you have to give. Rehearsals for our productions typically last anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks, with another two weekends of performances. We try to work with your schedule as much as we possibly can so that you can participate. The crews who run our shows are generally committed to three weeks of time. We respect your time. We understand you’re making a sacrifice of time to be with us. We think you’ll find it’s well worth it.

How do those actors memorize all those lines? 

The one question most actors are asked. The answer, of course, is one sentence at a time. 

I don’t want to act. What else have you got?

We are always glad to hear this question! For every actor on stage there are at least three people working behind the scenes to build scenery, paint it, hang it, find props, help with costuming, focus the lighting, run the controls, manage the stage, usher the audience….it takes an army! We’d love to have you enlist! You may rise to the rank of general!

Who do I contact if I want to join up, or just have more questions than these? 

For information about upcoming plays, auditions, and work on stage, contact Patrick Spradlin at [email protected] or at 218-855-8255. For work back stage, contact George Marsolek at [email protected] or at 218-855-8204. To be added to our audition announcement email list, or to ask about opportunities to usher or help promote our work, contact our box office at [email protected] or at 218-855-8199.

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